Trabajamos de la mano con la industria, aplicando conocimiento, calidad y tecnología de punta

para desarrollar los mejores productos según sus necesidades.


At A&G we offer the best extruded and injection molded products for the industry. We work under certified processes with a wide variety of materials that are processed under strict quality controls.

Estamos certificados bajo la norma ISO 9001. Adicional a esto, nuestros productos para el sector eléctrico cuentan con certificación RETIE.

Atendemos la industria automotriz, línea blanca, carrocera, construcción, sector eléctrico y otras. 


We have an experience of more than 45 years in the market developing a wide variety of products. Throughout the years we have developed products like hoses, extruded profiles, corrugated tubes, electrical conduit, rubber and plastic parts. We can also develop quickly and efficiently new products for our customers.


A&G was founded in 1975 and soon started providing parts to automotive industries like Chrysler, GM, Mazda, Fiat, and Renault.

In these years A&G has optimized assembly, extrusion and injection molding processes that allow us to offer great quality products like hoses, tubing, molded products, corrugated tubes, and specialty cables among many others.


Years of experience